Passionfruit Iced drink

by Aunt Maggie ( Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo, Raw, Recipe, Vegan ) | No Comments
Passionfruit Iced drink
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A great mocktail for parties! This is so easy to make and passionfruit is so perfect right now <3


  • 6-8 fresh passionfruit
  • 4 oranges, juiced
  • 1/2 cup mint leaves
  • 2 limes, cut into thin slices
  • About 3 inches fresh ginger, cut into thin slices
  • ice cubes
  • 1 cup sparkling water


  • Cut the passionfruit in half and scoop out the flesh, add to a serving jug
  • Top with the orange juice and sparkling water
  • When you’re ready to serve add some ginger and mint leaves! Add the ice and serve immediately!