NEW Vegetarian Cafe

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NEW Vegetarian Cafe
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<h2>Q&A With Janaka Wijeratne, owner of Healthy Planet Vegetarian Cafe in north fitzroy</h2>

What gets you jumping out of bed in the morning?
Meeting new people, and my passion to make the world a cruelty free, healthy place! And my new cafe definitely keeps me busy…

Congratulations on your new café! Tell us about it.
Healthy Planet is a vegetarian café of which about 90% is gluten free and vegan food. We use only seasonal organic produce from local Victorian farmers and always organic and biodynamic dry ingredients when we can. All our flours and all our meals and treats are made from scratch in our very own kitchen.
We also make organic fresh juices and smoothies with only the best seasonal produce, biodynamic milk and a large range of dairy free milks, including rice and almond. Plus! We serve the award winning Axil coffee!

We try to minimise how far our ingredients and your food travels before it reaches your plate! This means a healthier planet with less waste and less exploitation of our Earth’s resources!

What’s the philosophy behind Healthy Planet?
The philosophy behind Healthy Planet is very close to me. It’s a mixture of all my beliefs in Buddhism, food as medicine, cruelty free, and eating for mind, body and planet earth.

What is your favourite dish?
I have few dishes that I like. I can’t start my day without the Quinoa breakfast. I love having the Curry of the day or the Mexican Corn Burger for lunch. And a green smoothie with avocado and chia seeds is an absolute must before MMA.

We hear you’re having a Grand Opening soon! How are you celebrating?
Our Grand Opening will be over a few days in September so lots of people get a chance to enjoy themselves. We’ll have tasting plates so that you can try everything, and lots of fun activities for kids and adults!

If you’d like to know more you can stay up to date on our Facebook and Instagram pages, I’d love to see you at our Grand Opening!