Food is Medicine!

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Food is Medicine!
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food is medicine.

My name is pixie,

i am 22 years old, and have just graduated with a bsc (hons) in biochemistry in london. i would say i have three great passions in life: science, food and travel. the latter being the main reason i find myself here in melbourne, 3 months into my round the world travels.

students often get a reputation for being extremely unhealthy; eating takeaway, drinking every night, and spending their days in a onesie watching netflix. i confess that i myself was guilty of all of these at some point during my first year at university too (although i’m proud to say i never owned a onesie). but then i turned it around. i signed up for the gym, i improved my diet, and eventually ended up where i am now: vegan, gluten free, refined sugar-free, fitness lover, food blogger, and more importantly: happy!

so why did i do it?

unfortunately, like so many, i had an extremely negative relationship with food which plagued me for most of my teenage years and beyond, which led me to see food as the enemy and not something to be enjoyed. then on top of that came more bad news; i had genetically high cholesterol, and would potentially have to take drugs for the rest of my life. that was the final straw, and drove me to use my biochemistry knowledgefrom my degree to figure out alternative options. based on this research i immediately cut out all refined sugar and dairy from my diet. having been mostly vegetarian before then anyway, i found myself almost “accidentally” vegan. it agreed with me so well though that my energy levels increased, my concentration improved dramatically, and it even (i believe) positively influenced by exam results!
now i can proudly say my relationship with food is healthy, and my cholesterol levels have dropped to a normal levels, which left my doctor dumbfounded. food can be such a powerful form of medicine, and a powerful way for individuals to take their health into their own hands. so i make my mission to spread the word that healthy eating and living can be fun and easy, but also vitally important.

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