Detox: Spring Cleanse!

Detox: Spring Cleanse!
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I don’t know about you but life seems to speed up a notch (or two) once the festive season begins. Detoxing is a great way to give your body the natural lift it needs to stay well and healthy over the festival season!

WHY should i detox?

• A detox increases energy levels by giving yourself a natural energy boost.
• Removes toxins from the body by allowing the liver and gut to rest and repair.
• Reduces stress levels and promotes better sleep.
• Increases immunity once your system has been refreshed.
• Helps promote a healthier lifestyle!


Cleansing naturally is really easy to do, and much less harsh for your body than some of the more intense options available. All it takes is to be mindful of what is being used to fuel your body. Focus on eliminating toxins such as alcohol, coffee and refined sugar. This can be done gradually over a few days or a week or so, who knows, it may just become a lifestyle change!

what to expect:

It’s important to remember to ease into a detox, as it has such a big impact on the body. You will find that headaches, nausea, irritability and fatigue may arise during the second to fifth day. Keep positive and drink lots of water! This is just a small side effect to the changes your body is going through to release all those toxins!

Detoxing your body is all about resetting its health, so that it can work at its optimum level. It takes some dedication, but the results are well worth the effort. Rebuild your gut flora and cleanse that liver out, your body will thank you for it!