Schulz Organic Farm

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Schulz Organic Farm
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Schulz Organic Farm

Victorian • Organic • Farm Direct

we’re putting the spotlight on our favourite dairy farmer!

Schulz Organic Farm is on 832 acres of very fertile land and they’ve used biodynamic and organic principles to enhance the vitality of the soil, grasses and animals since 1971. With their herd they strive to create the ideal Organic/Biodynamic farm – a self-sufficient system that builds and sustains soil fertility through crop rotation and farm composts. No chemicals, hormones, herbicides or pesticides are used on the farm.

Farming organically since 1971, 3 generations have refined organic farming to produce the best quality milk, healthiest cows and most sustainable farming methods. Combining this with a farmhouse factory on the farm, producing delicate yogurts, delightful milk and cream and delicious cheeses. Schulz Organic Farms links your plate with our paddock.

“Our products are truly pure, simple and delicious. It is still processed right on farm, in small batches with great care and attention to detail and cleanliness.”

Schulz Organic Farm is located near a small township in the south west of Victoria named Timboon, approximately 20 minutes from the famed 12 apostles. Far enough from the sea to hear it on still nights but not get the salt mists. This unique area receives some of the highest reliable rainfalls in the state. Over the years thick bush dividers have been added across the farm to assist rainfall, cattle comfort, soil management, and now cO2.

“With all these elements we are able to become more sustainable and a goal of ours is to one day become completely self-sufficient!”

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