How to Have a Merry (Gluten free/Low Sugar/Vegie) Christmas!

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How to Have a Merry (Gluten free/Low Sugar/Vegie) Christmas!
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If Christmas days have left you feeling tired, bloated and off-colour in the past, this could be the year to try something new for you and your guests!

Going Gluten free…

The trickiest parts to navigate are usually nibbles and desserts.
A gluten free platter with nuts, fruit, dips and gluten-free crackers is easy. Rice crackers are readily available. Perhaps a little more special are the gluten free water crackers (they are so light) and the Spiral Black Sesame rice crackers (that have just the right amount of toasted sesame and tamari.)
Gluten-free fruit mince tarts make a lovely dessert. These are on the shelves at Aunt Maggies (while stocks last). These can be served with a dollop of cream.

Going Low Sugar…

How easy it is to overindulge on sugar and alcohol!
If you are baking for the festive season, substituting rice malt syrup for sugar can leave tummies feeling better. Anyone will get gassy with enough fructose and some people have quite a low threshold. Rice malt syrup is made from cooked and fermented rice and is fructose free.
As for beverages, catering for low-sugar guests can include kombucha. Brands of kombucha like Remedy are vegan, gluten-free, fructose-free and low sugar! The sugar is consumed in the fermentation process leaving very little behind. It is a healthier option than soft drinks or beer.
Other highly recommended drink options are making a big jug of ice tea with some citrus fruit slices in it. Or sparkling mineral water with a few frozen berries thrown in and a splash of juice. And don’t forget organic wines and preservative-free that will leave any chemically sensitive guests gratefully without a headache.

Going Vegie…

Now here’s a challenge! Reinterpreting Christmas and leaving out the turkey and ham? A plant-based Christmas meal is well-suited to our warm summer festive season climate in Australia.
Why not try some tempeh, mushroom and vegie skewers? These are good even at a BBQ.
Add toasted nuts and seeds to your salad. Include some lentils or chickpeas and dressing and you have a meal already.

Aunt Maggie’s wishes everyone a happy festive season!