Supermarket Free Month: How did you go?

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Supermarket Free Month: How did you go?
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It’s Supermarket free Month this April, how did you go?

Recap: What’s it all about?

Supermarket-free Month inspires people to get back to basics by getting to know your local shops, farmers’ markets and perhaps even starting to grow a vegie or two of your own. A perfect antidote to cold, impersonal online shopping and supermarket transactions, we are encouraged to take a friend or our kids shopping, try some samples, perhaps get to know a local store holder or grower along the way and get the finest produce too!

Supermarketfree.com.au asks readers to sign up to one of two pledges:
I pledge…
… to not shop in a supermarket throughout the month of April
… to find farmers markets, local shops, food box schemes, or grow your own to supply you and your family with your weekly needs, or:
HARDCORE PLEDGE : … to not shop at ANY Woolworths or Wesfarmers Limited (owner of Coles) subsidiaries.

What’s to gain?

Woolies and Coles (Wesfarmers) own a remarkable 70% of all grocery sales. The downside is that farmers and producers can be left feeling like they have little to no negotiating power with such large companies and need to sell goods at a price without a reasonable profit for their produce and work.
“Our cost of production is 64.9 cents a litre and we’re being paid 54 cents a litre, so we’re losing 10 cents a litre.” says David Scholl a dairy farmer from Biggenden who has been put out of business and sold his 120 herd of cows.
Supporting farmers’ markets, local small business and organic grocers means you get the best tasting seasonal produce out there as well as voting with your feet as to how producers are treated.
Time to forget the glaring lights of the supermarket, grab your shopping bag and see you down the street!

More details are at: http://supermarketfree.com.au