Help Your Kids Thrive

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Help Your Kids Thrive
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Help Your Kids Thrive by Dr. Joanne Dennison

We all want to be the best parent, but what does that actually look like, and how do children benefit from it? There is lots of very valuable information available on improving your baby’s/child’s physical health, but what about their emotional health?

For a long time I focused on treatment – dealing with clients’ symptoms, and identifying and resolving the issues that were underlying them. There was a really strong theme – so many of my adult clients were suffering from the effects of experiences they had in childhood (of course not always coming in with the awareness that that was the case). Sometimes these clients experienced abuse and neglect, but most often they grew up in loving families with parents who wanted the best for them.

For a long time it has been known that experiences in childhood affect one’s life-long emotional wellbeing; it can affect how we engage in friendships and romantic relationships, it can lead to the development of anxiety disorders, depression, and even struggles with parenting one’s own children. This sparked my interest in working to reduce the likelihood of issues developing, as opposed to only treating them after the fact.

In preparing to deliver Parenting Skills Courses, I went down a rabbit hole, looking into research about the developing brain. I wanted to understand what parents can do to help their babies/children develop positive emotional wellbeing. I was amazed with what I found – so much incredibly useful information that doesn’t seem to be readily available to parents!

Why am I telling you this? Well, if I were you, I would want to know this information! Attending a Parenting Skills course is one way of getting it. Alternatively, you can get reading – I cannot recommend Daniel Siegel’s well-informed parenting books highly enough; check out ‘The Whole-Brain Child’ and ‘No-Drama Discipline’ and help your kids thrive!!

Dr Joanne Dennison

Counselling Psychologist