5 Handy Healthy Travel Tips

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5 Handy Healthy Travel Tips
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Whether it’s a weekend away or an overseas trip, this winter most of us are dreaming of a destination where we’d rather be. So here are some simple travel tips to help you enjoy (and plan) a sunshine getaway this winter!

Keep Packing simple
Don’t over think it, unless you are going somewhere in the desert where there is no civilisation. Most places will have somewhere, to buy whatever it is you need, from clothes to toothbrushes. Checking the kind of weather before you go is a great way to sort out what you want to pack and be prepared with what to take to wear.
A couple of ‘must haves’ for me when I travel is Baby wipes (so handy to whip out especially over long stop overs and delayed flights!) and sunscreen (I love ‘SunClear’ by Grahams natural alternatives, natural sunscreen with a SPF 30+ and 2HR water resistant) rain or shine its always good to protect your skin from those rays!

Pre Packing foods
I have a super organised and amazing girlfriend that where ever she travels to (from Asia to Europe) will always pre pack her food to take on her flight. She will take muesli bars, trail mix, and even a chickpea and tuna salad! Most airlines will let you bring food on board, you just can’t leave the aeroplane with it. Of course it is always good to confirm with your airline what their rules and regulations are with bringing food etc on board. But if plane food makes your tummy turn then this could be an option for you. Also putting in food requests such as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘gluten free’ is also an option when flying.

Follow the 80/20 rule
Yes even on holidays majority (80%) of the time opting for the fruit salad over the fried breakfast, but then feeling guilt free with a cocktail with dinner. Life is about balance and aiming to make the best choices you can, but also allowing for some fun (it is your holiday after all).

When travelling exercise can be tricky especially if your use to your hour gym sesh. Why not go for a walk? Or rent a bike? Not only a great way to explore your surroundings you’ll also be burning calories at the same time. I always try opting for the stairs as well, it all adds up!

Depending on where your going a couple of supplements can help maintain energy levels and keep up balance even on holidays. Either a good multivitamin a good one is nutrition cares SF88, or an activated B/B complex as this is water soluble vitamins is especially good for energy and sleep! Great if your the kind of person to thrive off lots of activities on their holiday. Also a bottle of probiotics can help prevent anything from the most dreaded “Bali belly” to helping your digestive system cope with any overindulgence on your holidays.

Article by Ashleigh Mythen, Naturopath at Aunt Maggie’s Malvern