Glow from the inside out

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Glow from the inside out
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By Lola Berry Nutritionist


We all want to feel our best, and the truth is, when you’re feeling vibrant and healthy, you’re often looking your best. I believe the “healthy glow” is like having the X-factor. It’s what lights up a room, that magic sparkle that draws you in. That’s where the healthy glow is and you know what, we can all have it.

First of all, in order to glow we need to have a mindset for it. It’s about making a conscious choice to love who you are, put yourself first and honour and nourish yourself. When you know you’re doing this that’s when we can get cracking on nourishing your mind, body and spirit, alongside the right foods.


Righto, if you want that glowing, youthful complexion, then I want you to change the way you look at fats. Good fats are the “keep” to glowing skin, great hair and strong nails. Now just like most things, there’s good fats and bad fats. You want the good stuff; foods like salmon, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, real butter, raw nuts and seeds, eggs and even small amounts of animal fat – these are whole food sources of health giving fats.

However, you want to stay away from heated polyunsaturated fats, such as seed oil. If you want to learn more about seed oils (this is the stuff fast food joints use to fry their chippies in) and why we shouldn’t be consuming them – read ‘Eat Real Food’ by David Gillespie. It clearly explains how these “bad fats” can have a negative impact on your health. So get rid of the seed oils and swap them for whole food sources.

You can use fats topically too. I use extra virgin olive oil in the mid- lengths and ends of my hair to prevent split ends and encourage long luscious locks. I also use coconut oil on my face at night time and rosehip oil around my eyes to prevent fine lines.

So my tip is to keep some oils in the kitchen and a second set in the bathroom! I also make a facemask from mashed avocado, raw cacao (antioxidants for anti aging), honey (antibacterial) and oats (gentle exfoliator). These are fun to share with friends!


Antioxidants help to prevent free radical damage, which is one of the causes of aging. Antioxidants are found in different coloured fruits and veggies, so when I say to clients “count your colours”, it’s about making sure they get a broad-spectrum of phyto-chemicals and anti-aging antioxidants.

So think brightly coloured berries, such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and boysenberries, they are super high on the ORAC scale. Anything high on the ORAC scale contains a nice hit of antioxidants. That’s why we read about the health benefits of goji berries, broccoli and prunes, they’re all high on the ORAC scale.


David Gillespie and Sarah Wilson, both brilliant health writers in my opinion are against the fructose component of sugar. Now this doesn’t mean fruit is bad by any means. We’re talking about adding refined white sugar (that’s the nasty stuff) in your diet.

David Gillespie states that just two hundred years ago, the average American consumed about two teaspoons of sugar per day, nowadays we’re looking at more than forty teaspoons per day.

Sugar disrupts your appetite hormones, making it difficult to know when your full, leading to weight gain and feelings of anxiousness. Now I know when I’m feeling down, I don’t feel like eating healthy food at all, I actually crave the sweet stuff to make me feel momentarily happier.

So here’s the thing, if you’re eating too much refined sugar there’s a chance you may be carrying weight, which is going to make it very hard to glow. I know whenever I fall off the wagon (and yes even a nutritionist will mess up) and go on a sugar binge, the next day my face is grey, I’ve lost that healthy glow.

It’s pretty simple, just eat real food. Swap your refined sugar out for naturally sweet whole foods, such as fruit and try sweetening with natural alternatives.


Leading Australian nutritionist Lola Berry is a regular spokesperson on nutrition and general wellbeing across television, radio and print media. She has a huge and interactive online following.

Lola devised the simple yet groundbreaking 20/20 Diet, based on her own personal weight journey and many years experience helping people shed excess kilos. She is the author of seven bestselling books such as, Inspiring Ingredients (2010), The 20/20 Diet (2012), The 20/20 Diet Cookbook (2014), The Happy Cookbook (2015), Lola Berry’s Little Book of Smoothies & Juices (2015), The Happy Life (2016) and Lola Berry’s Summer Food (2016).

Health to Lola is a way of life. The way she sees it, everyday you get to decide how you want to nourish your body, mind and soul. It’s all up to you and it’s easier than you think!

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