Dry July: Alcohol Detox

Dry July: Alcohol Detox
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Many people in the Aunt Maggie’s community are about to participate in the annual Dry July campaign! During Dry July you give up drinking booze for the month of July in order to raise funds to improve the lives of adults living with cancer.

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Obviously taking a month off the alcohol is an honourable, healthy idea but here’s some great reasons to persevere and spur you on if temptation starts to get in your way.

• Most alcoholic drinks are packed with kilojoules and carbohydrates.  Did you know that one standard alcoholic drink contains 235 kJ and once you include the sugar content of most alcoholic drinks you’re looking at 560 kJ.  In short, fewer kilojoules and carbohydrates from being alcohol-free is going to help you lose weight.

• Shunning the drink for a month will improve your overall general health – you will sleep better, your skin appearance will improve, your energy levels will increase and you’ll have more motivation to exercise.  Obviously you won’t miss the hangovers that go hand in hand with a night of excess.

• Think of the time and money you’ll save.  Work out how much time and money you spend on drink in one week and multiply it by the four weeks of July.  Spend some of your savings on more healthy pursuits.

So what do you drink instead of booze?  Raw juicing everyday has many positive health benefits and is a good thing to do during a detox program (like Dry July).  Juice is nutritious, packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Use organic fruits and vegetables from Aunt Maggie’s where possible and drink immediately for maximum nutrients.  Check out some of our favourite recipes for Dry July Substitutes here! Or If you don’t own a juicer, visit our juice bar in-store.

When you go out to restaurants, pubs and nightclubs don’t replace your alcohol with soft drinks – lemonade, cola etc. are almost as bad for your health as alcohol.  Sugary soft drinks are the leading cause of obesity and diabetes.  Make your favourite pub drink sparkling mineral water – as its name implies, instead of being loaded with sugar, it contains high amounts of essential minerals especially as calcium, magnesium.

Don’t forget to sign up for Dry July here if you haven’t already!