Detoxing your cleaning habits

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Detoxing your cleaning habits
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Wanting to get chemicals out of your home but keep dust and grime out?

Many people notice improvements in allergies, fatigue and concentration when they cut the chemicals out of their house.

Here are some of our favourite natural cleaning products:

Ecostore Laundry Powder, Lemon.
This plant and mineral based laundry powder leaves out artificial fragrances with the knowledge that they are both unnecessary and a common cause of dermatitis and skin irritations. The fragrance is natural lemon verbena and citrus peel. Chemicals such as optical whiteners and phosphates are also left out.
Ecostore check all of their ingredients for sustainability and biodegradability, as well as testing products to make sure they are septic tank and greywater system-safe.
This product is a popular alternative to supermarket laundry powders.

Abode Rosemary and Mint Bathroom Cleaner.
I’ve used vinegar for years as a cleaner in my bathroom and just recently tried this product. This bathroom cleaner is made with only naturally derived plant and mineral based ingredients and it has managed to remove grimy build up from my bath tub with very little elbow grease. Very impressed!

Soap Nuts. (Pictured)
A 100% natural cleaner, that actually grows on trees. Soap nuts are multi-purpose and can be used as a laundry cleaner, a surface spray cleaner or a liquid soap. Soap nuts are naturally high in saponins ie. natural soap!
A great natural option with minimal packaging.