Coconut Water for Hydration

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Coconut Water for Hydration
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It is exciting when a mainstream product like sports drinks can be outshone by a completely natural option… which is of course, our much-loved coconut water!

Coconut water – the liquid from the inside of fresh, young coconuts – has gained a following as an after-exercise drink as well as a healthy alternative to juices and soft drinks. We all love fresh plain water but it’s great to have some variety too. If you’re in the dark about why coconut water is a great option, read on…

  • Unlike sports drinks, coconut water does NOT contain artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. It is a product that literally grows on trees, not made in a factory.
  • Coconut water contains much less sugar than fruit juice, soft drinks and sports drinks.
  • Coconut water is rich in vitamins (including B vitamins), minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) and trace elements (including zinc and selenium). Potassium is possibly the most important electrolyte inside your cells. It regulates heartbeat and muscle function and it is essential for healthy blood pressure.
  • Having a rich source of electrolytes and natural salts it is great for rehydration. One study found water, sports drinks and coconut water all adequate for good rehydration after an intensive workout. However they found the coconut water group had “less nausea, fullness and no stomach upset and was also easier to consume in a larger amount” compared to water or an electrolyte sports drink.
  • In addition to hydration benefits and an amazing nutrient profile, all coconut products are a source of monolaurin which is antimicrobial and supports immune function. It is not too surprising that Hawaiians call coconut water “noelani,” which means “dew from the heavens.”

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