5 Reasons to Eat Seasonally

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5 Reasons to Eat Seasonally
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Before the rise of the chain of supermarkets, seasonal eating wasn’t a choice, it was just apart of life. Just like you wouldn’t wear a knitted jumper in the height of summer, when the season changes so should our diet and lifestyle choices.

Here are 5 reasons why you should eat seasonally:

  1. Tastes better: Seasonal eating is buying foods that have had the chance to be nurtured and picked during their natural times of growth. This means that they are perfectly ripened and harvested at their peak, exactly as nature intended. Making them at their freshest and also their tastiest!
  2. Nutrition: When compared to non seasonal foods, seasonal foods have a higher nutritional profile which is more in line with the bodies natural cycle and its nutritional requirements. For example, some winter loving foods such as kiwis and cabbage are jam packed full of those immune busting vitamins such as vitamin C! As well as the amazing antiviral compound found in the winter loving mushrooms, which help inhibit the reproduction of viral infections!
  3. Save on Money: Buying foods that are in their peak of supply which is the most optimum time to harvest and distribute, will cost the farmers less unlike non seasonal foods that have to be transported or shipped and stored from long distances and periods of time, adding greatly to the cost.
  4. Connectivity: Eating seasonal whole foods keeps us connected and harmonious with the cycles of nature as well as supporting local farmers we become connected to our community.
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Article by Ashleigh Mythen, Naturopath at Aunt Maggie’s Malvern