4 quick tips for staying healthy in winter!

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4 quick tips for staying healthy in winter!
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Staying fit, healthy and fabulous in winter can be tricky, it is difficult to be motivated to do anything that involves getting out of our dressing gowns and out the front door. So here are some simple tips to get you through the winter blues and bursting through summer more vibrant then ever…

  1. Spice up your life –  cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom are just a handful of spices that can add a unique flavour to any dish and due to their warming qualities can improve our overall circulation keeping us warm and full of natural vibrant energy.
  2. Warming foods – hearty soups, whole grains and roasted nuts. Choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables in your winter dishes not only will be fresher and higher in nutrient value but also will be the best suited to your body’s natural nutritional requirements. Potatoes, celery, winter greens, cabbage and mushrooms to name a few and don’t forget to add those spices!
  3. Stay hydrated – It is easy to forget to drink water in winter. So if your struggling to drink cold plain water. Try drinking herbal tea (opting for caffeine free options such as chamomile) or just adding a slice of lemon and ginger to some hot water and topping it up throughout the day is a great way to stay hydrated and warm!
  4. Keep moving – Whether it’s doing some yoga on YouTube, a new gym class or layering up and bracing the cold to get you going. Aim for 30 minutes in the morning to really kick start your day. Will not only help increase those happy endorphins that will keep the winter blues at bay but also improve your overall energy and the quality of your sleep.

Article by Ashleigh Mythen, Naturopath at Aunt Maggie’s Malvern