About Us

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At Aunt Maggie’s we love to supply a wide variety of high quality, fresh and local health food and goods to our communities, providing them opportunities to learn or grow and supporting the causes they care about most. In doing this, we aim to become the most highly rated Australian health food retailer by our customers and within our peers.


At Aunt Maggie’s we encourage and promote healthy eating and living by providing new and exciting education opportunities with regular guest speakers and classes in-store.

We also volunteer our time and resources in support of causes closest to our core values, are innovative and always explore new, better ways of getting things done, donate a percentage of our profits to important local and environmental causes with real and verifiable outcomes that we can share with our customers and stakeholders.

The Aunt Maggie’s Story

It was 1962 – back when organic food was called food, when no one checked labels, children rarely had nut allergies and a veggie patch was for everyone, not just farmers.

In the tiny remote township of Margaret River, Western Australia, one house was abuzz with laughter and the patter of excited feet throughout the blue stone kitchen. A cool ocean breeze blew in from through a large open window, and if I stood right up on my tippy toes, I could see a vast vineyard stretching out into the distance beyond it. Today was my favourite day of the week: Sunday at Aunt Maggie’s. Every Sunday I remember (until I left home at the tender age of 18) was spent here with my brothers and sister in this place full of food. Food that made my heart feel larger, my mind sharper and my legs stronger.

My Aunt Maggie wasn’t just any old auntie of course. She was the laughter at our dinner table, the smell of freshly baked bread and the magic of extraordinary food. We called her pantry the “Mary Poppins bag”. To us it seemed to stock a never-ending supply of scrumptious things to eat – with every fruit and vegetable travelling not more than 50 meters from the ground or the hen house to our mouths.

Buckwheat blueberry, apple, walnut and cinnamon pancakes; pumpkin, sultana, almond and chickpea stew; durum wheat spaghetti with freshly chopped tomato sauce basil and olives. My eyes and my belly never agreed on where to stop! Pumpkin curry with chick-peasThis was my childhood – a sensory explosion of tastes never forgotten.

Many years later, after I moved to the city, my Aunt Maggie passed away. And every Sunday afterward, I would find myself out on the balcony of my too-small apartment feeding my rather desperate looking herb garden, remembering her spirit.

I fantasised about what it might be like to bring Aunt Maggie back through the one thing she lived on in: fresh food. Every time I bit into a fresh apple or cut a button mushroom – I remembered her generous smile and sage advice “Good food is like good music. The best stuff makes you feel happy long after you’ve stopped listening”

And so it was that the Aunt Maggie’s was born. A place where an entire community could enjoy the energy, vitality and nourishment of food good for the soul and for the future of my children.

Written by Aunt Maggie’s co-director, Wayne Ferrell, in memory of his Aunt Maggie.