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From Aunt Maggie's Table

Braised Lamb Shanks
Organic meat VS non organic meat What does it mean to choose organic meat over non organic? It ...
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The beneficial properties of honey have been known for centuries throughout Chinese, Ayurvedic even in Egyptian medicine. No ...
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Raw Mousse
Mousse doesn't get any better, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free and paleo! Great for impressing your friends, just make sure you ...
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Gut health
Gut health; What is it to have poor gut health, what to do to help improve your gut ...
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Vegetable Gratin
I love this dish in the middle of the week, it's easy-peasy and I can use whatever veggies ...
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Sober October
I never like to prescribe anything that I would not do myself. I mean how can I expect ...
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